BJC South Campus Renovation

This was a 4-year multi-phase project which included a complete gut renovation of multiple floors of an existing, fully functional hospital. RHMC upgraded all mechanical systems, medical gas systems, and control systems.


Due to the fact that this was an existing facility built in the early 70’s, plenum space was at a premium. This created many challenges for installation of the extensive duct and pipe systems required for this type of facility.

RHMC lead a very exhaustive coordination effort trying to fit all MEP systems into this space like a puzzle.

Key Project Elements:

  • 100% AutoCAD MEP Prefabrication
  • Coordination
  • Dimension Based Hanger and System Layout
  • Duct: Supply, Return, Exhaust, Hazardous Exhaust, Isolation Duct, Pharmacy Duct, VAV & Air Valves, Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Ductwork.
  • Mechanical Piping: HHW, CHW, Low Pressure Steam, Steam Condensate
  • Medical Gas: O2, N, N2O, MW, MA, CO2, NP, CA
  • Prefabrication: Headwalls, Zone Valve Boxes, Flat Piping Racks
  • (28)OR’s, (75) PACU BAYS, (10) Isolation Bays, (20) Patient Rooms, CT, MRI, Xray, Pharmacy
  • (8) Exhaust Fans, (1) New AHU, (3) Existing AHU’s, (30) Booster Humidifiers, (4) Steam Preheat Coils, (4) FCU’S, (17) Fin tube Heaters, Supply and Exhaust Terminal Units, Sterilizers, Room Pressurization

BJC 3-4-5-Lab Consolid (42)


Project Details

Industry: Healthcare

Services Provided: AutoCAD MEP Prefabrication, Coordination, Dimension Based Hanger and System Layout, Duct, Headwall Prefabrication, Mechanical Equipment, Mechanical Piping, Medical Gas, Pipe Racks, Zone Valve Box Prefabrication

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