BJC South Campus Renovation

BJC South Campus Renovation

This was a 4-year multi-phase project which included a complete gut renovation of multiple floors of an existing, fully functional hospital. RHMC upgraded all mechanical systems, medical gas systems, and control systems serving the following:

  • forty-eight (48) state-of-the-art OR suites
  • twenty-two (22) CTICUs
  • ninety-six (96) PACU bays
  • new cardiac cath lab
  • new central sterilization processing facility
  • locker room/break area for a 1200 person staff

Contract Amount: $8,000,000


Due to the fact that this was an existing facility built in the early 70’s, plenum space was at a premium. This created many challenges for installation of the extensive duct and pipe systems required for this type of facility.

RHMC lead a very exhaustive coordination effort trying to fit all MEP systems into this space like a puzzle.

BJC 3-4-5-Lab Consolid (42)


Project Details

Industry: Healthcare

Services Provided: Commercial Fabrication, Sheet Metal, Spiral Round & Oval Ductwork

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