When it comes to project efficiency, you can trust Rock Hill Mechanical to evolve methodologies that support reducing costs, saving time and more effective management. Our collaborative Design-Build Project approach saves time and money for the project owner, while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation in the end product.


RHMC’s experience in the Design-Build arena in the St. Louis Metropolitan area is unsurpassed. We have been involved with projects ranging from simple Heating and Cooling Systems to complex Environmentally Critical HVAC Systems. From conception to completion Rock Hill Mechanical Corporation’s dedicated design and construction team will ensure professional results delivered on time.

Our commitment, and focus on the “team” approach is proven time and again, and lends itself very well to Design-Build Projects. We wanted to take this opportunity to describe our typical level of involvement with Design-Build Projects:


The budgetary phase of any project is paramount. Our firm offers a multitude of Pre-Construction Services, and commonly is involved with projects during this very early phase. Along with the Design Engineering Team, Owner’s Group, and Construction Management Team, our engineering department makes a careful and comprehensive study of the project’s needs. We analyze the latest technology available to bring maximum benefits to the design system based on the project’s special requirements to provide schematic design analysis (for a variety of systems), preliminary budgeting, operating expense analysis, and life cycle analysis.

Our estimators work very closely with the engineering team, utilizing custom-built cost databases, to provide the flexibility and breadth of information necessary to accurately calculate any type of mechanical project. Our firm participates in the development of the initial cost, engineering alternatives, reviewing the effectiveness of proposed systems and identification of long lead time items to keep the project on schedule and within budget. Our experience in value engineering exercises has proven that our early involvement in evaluating design alternatives leads to large cost savings.

Based on RHMC’s experience and knowledge of the local construction market, we also provide current information on various systems or materials which may be more cost effective for the project. We focus on eliminating or modifying anything that adds cost to an item without reducing the Owner’s desired value or function such that the project budget can be met.


Once we’ve completed preliminary analysis of the budget, design, and expectations, we assist in the development of Construction Documents. Our in-house Engineering and CAD Design Teams produce load calculations (as may be required), equipment selections, duct and piping design assist, local Building Code interpretations, and all other aspects of the engineering process that your design firm(s) may utilize from us. We focus on tailoring the drawings to expedite Engineering Coordination and Field Coordination of the drawings.


An individually tailored procurement plan is developed prior to launching each project, providing the necessary time table and follow-up tools to allow the project manager and central office purchasing to procure, submit and expedite all necessary equipment and materials with timeliness, specification compliance and cost control. It is important to note that the job project manager is involved very early on in the process, the lead design engineer maintains contact throughout the job as the acting project engineer for RHMC, and the lead estimators are involved with all changes and modifications to the pricing that may be required as the job progresses. We feel that continuity is very important for sizable, complex jobs. This level of coordination translates into a better product for the owner, and eases the Final Commissioning immensely.
Our involvement in any Design Assist project is always determined by the projects needs. When we embark on any such project, we maintain four simple goals throughout:

  1. Produce a quality product for the owner that satisfies design intent and exceeds the owner’s initial and eventual expectations
  2. Operate in such a way as to contribute to the success of the Construction Manager/General Contractors
  3. Maintain good relationships with our sub-contractors and vendors
  4. Contribute to the overall profitability of the project and develop successful relationships that result in continued growth

These same principals would be applied to any project.
We take pride in our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs with well budgeted, planned and executed projects.

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