RHMC Facilities

We currently have two (2) Facilities with high purity piping fabrication capability and one (1) duct-work fabrication facility.  The Pipe Fabrication Facilities were constructed with segregated stainless steel/alloy and carbon steel work areas totaling over 100,000 sq. ft.  Our shops are heated, conditioned, have distributed power for our various automatic welders and have centralized gas distribution systems including high purity Argon.

Our facilities carry the ASME S, R and U stamps.  We commonly provide the following:

  • Complete Modules and Skids – Cleaned, Tested and Wrapped for Shipment
  • Tanks & Vessels – as Required (we typically procure these)
  • Process Pipe Fabrication and Spools of various Standard and Exotic Metals
  • Structural Steel Fabrication for Skids, Equipment and Pipe Racks
  • Pre-Fabrication of Owner Pre-purchased and other Procured Equipment

We have included pictures illustrating our fabrication capabilities and offer the following for your review and consideration:

  • St. Louis Pipe Facility – 32,000 Sq. Ft. (total shop area)
  • Macon Pipe Facility – 42,000 Sq. Ft. (total shop area)
  • Sheet Metal – 40,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Lay down Area – 7 acres
  • Height of Shops – 29 Ft. to the hook with Overhead Cranes
  • Capable of making an 80,000lb module pick by using overhead crane
  • Capable of using all-terrain cranes within shops
  • We’ve had up to 15 Orbital Welders working at one time on various projects – with room for more

Our facilities are very clean, however, we have a Class 1,000 mobile clean room for shop or on site fabrication that requires a heightened level of cleanliness.  We routinely work with our partners to produce high quality, high purity systems that are second to none.

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