BJC Healthcare West County Replacement Hospital & MOB

This project consisted of a new 260,000 square foot Replacement Hospital and a new 100,000 square foot Medical Office Building. 

A Design-Assist project, our BIM Department was brought on with the KJWW team at Schematic Design, the rest of our construction team was brought on after Design Development. After Design Development was issued, all modeling was completed by Rock Hill Mechanical. We were also the BIM Lead and managed the BIM coordination process and clash detection and resolution. 

Key Project Elements: 

  • 100% Revit Prefabrication
  • Coordination 
  • Total Station Hanger and System layout 
  • Multi Location Prefabrication – On Time delivery 
  • Duct: Supply, Return, Exhaust, Hazardous Exhaust, Grease Duct, Isolation Duct, Pharmacy Duct, Fume Hoods VAV & Air Valves, Black Iron, Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Ductwork 
  • Mechanical Piping: HHW, CHW, Gas, Cooling Tower Water, Steam, Fuel Oil, Condensate and Condenser Piping 
  • Medical Gas: O2, NCW, DI, CO2, VAC, N, MA, CA, N2O, WAGD, RO 
  • Prefabrication: Headwalls, Zone Valve Boxes, Flat Piping Racks 
  • Multi-Trade Racks – Mechanical Pipe, Med Gas, Duct, Patient Lifts, Electrical, Minimal Plumbing 
  • (14)OR’s, (2) IR’s, (4)ICU’s, CT, MRI, Xray, Pharmacy, and ER 
  • AHU, Roof Top Units, Fan Coils, Blower Coils, Chillers, Energy Recovery, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Pumps, Humidifiers, Exhaust Fans, Relief Fans, Kitchen Exhaust Fans, Dishwasher Exhaust Fan, Elevator Exhaust Fan, Heat Exchangers, VAV, Tracking Boxes, Return VAV boxes, Air Valves, Instrument Air Compressors, Medical Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Medical Gas Manifolds, Master and Area Alarm Panels, Medical Zone Valve Boxes, and Med Gas Outlets

Project Details

Industry: Healthcare

Services Provided: Coordination, Duct, Headwall Prefabrication, Mechanical Equipment, Mechanical Piping, Medical Gas, Multi-Trade Racks, On Time Delivery, Pipe Racks, Revit MEP Prefabrication, Total Station Hanger and System Layout, Zone Valve Box Prefabrication

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