SLU Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building

This was a new building with 90,000 Square Feet of primarily Laboratory Space.  The project had a requirement of obtaining LEED Silver.  Rock Hill played an integral part in meeting this goal by the implementing of an efficient design, running an energy model, and by carrying out the LEED required documentation prosses.  Rock Hill led the MEP virtual pre-construction coordination prosses.  The extensive coordination prosses allowed the team to prefabricate a large amount of buildings MEP systems with great success.  Rock Hill also facilitated, built, and installed multi-trade racks in the corridors of the two lab floors resulting in a cleaner installation, and a shortened construction schedule.  Our scope was for the Mechanical Ductwork, Piping, and Lab gas services for the building including the following:

  • (1) Custom AHU-Totaling 85,000 CFM
  • Lab Exhaust System – 65,000 CFM
  • Piped Lab Utilities including Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Vacuum, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, and Natural Gas
  • New Lab Vacuum, Lab Air, and Lab Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
  • New 2400-ton Central Chilled Water Plant for Science Complex
  • New 9000 MBH Boiler Plant
  • (64) VAV Terminals and (25) Phoenix Supply Air Valves
  • (88) Phoenix Exhaust Air Valves

Key Project Elements:

  • 100% Revit Prefabrication
  • Total Station Hanger and System layout
  • Coordination
  • Duct: Supply, Return, Exhaust, Stainless Steel Welded Hazardous Exhaust, Fume Hoods, VAV, & Air Valves
  • Mechanical Piping: HHW, CHW, Refrigerant, Gas
  • Lab Gas: LA, LVAC, DI, N
  • Multi-Trade Racks – Mechanical Pipe, Lab Gas, Duct, Fire Protection, Electrical, & Plumbing
  • Penthouse and Basement Mechanical Plant
  • Energy Recovery and Future Planning

AHUs, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Boilers, Pumps, Split Systems, Strobic Lab Exhaust Fans, Hot Water Unit Heaters, Air Valves, Electric Air Curtains, RO Skid, Vacuum Pumps, Lab Air Compressor, and Lab Gas Manifolds


Project Details

Industry: Institutional

Services Provided: Coordination, Duct, Lab Gas, Mechanical Equipment, Mechanical Piping, Mechanical Plant, Multi-Trade Racks, Revit MEP Prefabrication, Total Station Hanger and System Layout

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