SLU Macelwane Hall Renovation

This project was a gut renovation of the existing 4-story 83,000 Square Foot building. It included approximately 10,000 square feet of Vivarium, and the rest of the building is split about 50/50 between Research and Teaching Laboratories. Our scope is for the Mechanical Ductwork, Piping, Plumbing and Lab gas services for the building including the following:

  • Two custom AHU’s totaling 75,000 CFM
  • Lab Exhaust system – 40,000 CFM
  • Piped Lab utilities included Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Vacuum, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, and Natural Gas
  • New Lab Vacuum, Lab Air, and Lab Reverse Osmosis Water Systems.
  • 68 VAV Terminals and 40 Phoenix Supply Air Valves
  • 10 VAV Exhaust Air Valves and 32 Phoenix Exhaust Air Valves

Key Project Elements:

  • Design-Assist
  • Research Lab
  • Duct: Supply, Return, Exhaust, Hazardous Exhaust, Fume Hoods, VAV’s & Air Valves
  • Lab Gas: RO, CO2, O2, VAC, CA, N2
  • Mechanical Piping:  HHW, CHW, G
  • AHU’s, Pumps, Split Systems, Vivarium Exhaust Fans, Side Wall Exhaust Fans, Laboratory Exhaust Fans, Air Valves, Electric Air Curtains, RO Skid, Vacuum Pumps, Lab Air Compressor and Lab Gas Manifolds

Project Details

Industry: Institutional

Services Provided: Design-Assist, Duct, Lab Gas, Mechanical Equipment, Mechanical Piping

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